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This website deals with up-to-date IP diagnostic and security information.

The Online IP Checker Tool allows you to find the owner and contact data of any IP address or internet domain worldwide. It works both for IPv4 and IPv6 addresses.

If you enter an IP Address, we are querying the RIPE database for all relevant information and show the reverse DNS record if available. In addition to the geographical location you will see in realtime whether the IP address was reported for malicious activity and if it is currently listed on the most relevant DNSBL Blacklists for sending spam or fraudulent emails. If malicious activity was observed from the IP address in question, a calculated Abuse Score is shown together with technical details of the most recent abuse reports.

If you enter a Domain Name, we add a WHOIS query and show the public owner and registration information from the authoritative domain registry. If you have a website URL, simply paste it into the seach field as is, no need to extract the domain from the URL manually. We detect if there is a SSL/TLS webserver running and check the validity of it's certificates and the offered TLS and encryption protocols.

We will also show the official email addresses to be used for abuse reports and the website links where additional owner information can be requested, as some personal information is routinely withheld by the internet authorities due to data protection regulations.

This free service is continuously updated. Please feel free to suggest improvements and additions.